About Ethan

Ethan Galstad is an awarded entrepreneur, investor, author, and speaker.

Ethan is the founder of Nagios and several passion projects and has published several books on investing and self-improvement.  He is a constant learner and looks up to many role models across different fields.

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Ethan’s Passion Projects

Ethan has founded several passion projects with the goal of improving individual lives and the word, including Zero To Hero, Inspiratt.io, and Code of The Ancients.



Code Of The Ancients

Founded by Ethan in 2018, Code Of The Ancients is a project designed to decode ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics using artificial intelligence and advanced computer imaging.

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Zero To Hero

Founded by Ethan in 2019, Zero To Hero is a project designed to help educate people, while offering new perspectives on old ideas.

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Founded by Ethan in 2019, Inspiratt.io is a project designed to share inspirational stories with the world.

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Galstad Family Foundation

Ethan is in the process of founding the Galstad Family Foundation with his fiance.  The mission of the foundation is to help children and their families with issues related to medical expenses, hunger and poverty. Funding for the foundation will come from the profits of Ethan’s software company Nagios.

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