I recently published my first book on finances and investing, with the intention of educating people on the many aspects of money and wealth that aren’t taught in schools or elsewhere.  The general lack of financial education is what holds many people back from achieving great success in life and this book intends to change that equation.

Perpetual Wealth discusses the critical aspects of managing your money to build true, lasting wealth that can provide you with financial freedom and a secure retirement.

I’ll be producing free videos and articles on many of the topics that I cover in the book over the next few months.  If you want to get started on improving your financial life immediately, consider buying a copy of Perpetual Wealth and putting the ideas and principles in it to use.  More information on Perpetual Wealth and how to purchase a copy can be found on my books page.

As with all things in life, do your own research, and make your own decisions based on your personal needs and goals.  In all things your pursue, I wish you the best!