The world we know today would not exist without entrepreneurs.  It is only through the daring feats of those who choose to challenge the norm and build something new that creation occurs.  The path that entrepreneurs take is not an easy one by any means.  The challenges of starting from zero, the fears that must be overcome, the lessons that must be learned, and the hardships that must be endured are true tests of a person’s character.  It is within the soul of an entrepreneur that the spark of invention is created and it is only with their diligence and hard work that the fragile sparks of creation can grow into a flame that ignites possibilities of a brighter future.  Entrepreneurs provide jobs, fuel innovation, and push our world to new advances.  To all the entrepreneurs of today and yesterday, thank you for your contributions to the world.  To those of you with the entrepreneurial spirit within you, muster your  courage and unleash your inner spark to show the world how bright you can shine.  The world needs you, because you build our future and make our world better.