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New eBook: Investing In Precious Metals

By November 20, 2019 No Comments

My newest e-book Investing In Precious Metals covers how the rich and wealthy protect their wealth using precious metals during times of economic chaos, why the governments hoard gold as an asset of last resort for their fiat currencies, and how you can protect your wealth during times of coming turbulence.

The world is full of financial turmoil that affects us all in both small ebbs and massive tsunamis. Many astute investors believe we are on the brink of a major financial collapse, banking crisis, or economic downturn. Combined with record high personal, corporate, and government debt and supported by artificial markets propped up by endless money printing, we are at risk of seeing the largest collapse in history. But there are simple methods to protecting your wealth from the destructive forces of the coming financial crisis using precious metals.

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