Your Life Is Worth More Than Money

This page is part of the Zero To Hero series of Financial Freedom Blueprints and provides information on why it is important to understand the value of your life vs. the money you earn.

Money Isn’t All That Matters

You’ve no doubt heard the phrase “money isn’t all that matters”. There is a lot of truth in that statement. The things that really matter in life – our relationships, our experiences, and our impact on the word – are far more important than the money we have. Money is certainly required to sustain a happy existence, as it is required to provide for everything from our basic human needs to the things that bring us joy in various forms, but it is not worth your life.

The Basic Problem

The essential problem we have in today’s society is that the vast majority of people are trading their life for money. By working at jobs that pay them on an hourly basis or an annual salary, the are trading much of their precious time in this life for money. I see this as a form of financial slavery and I want to help people escape from this prison.

You inherently understand that your life is far more valuable than money. So why are you giving it up for money?

The Solution

In order to escape from the financial prison you are in, you need to understand an extremely important concept: time is not money. You been told that “time is money” and you’ve been sold a lie that has kept you enslaved to a 9-5 job that you are required to continuously put time into in order to receive a paycheck.

In order to escape this prison, you need to do the following:

  • Put time into building money machines
  • Use extra cash to buy money machines

Money machines are simply assets that produce positive cash flow (earnings) that pay you on a regular basis. By building and buying money machines, you can escape the 9-5 slavery trap that most people are in. Money machines allow you to break the correlation between the amount of time and effort you put into something and the amount of money you get out of it. This is the key to escaping slavery one money machine and one dollar at a time. More details about what money machines are and how you can build and buy them can be found here.

Are You Saying I Should Quit My Job?

Absolutely not! If you love what you do and you love your team, stick with it! The people you spend time with and the environment you’re in are far more important than the money you acquire in life. If you love your job, keep it. Keep it and keep building and buying money machines with your spare income.



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