Notes From Ethan

I’m inspired by hundreds of different people and companies. Each person’s approach to life is unique and I’d like to share with you just a few of the people and companies I admire. I don’t always agree with all their viewpoints or their actions, but I recommend them without hesitation.

I’ve organized the people and companies that inspire me into different broad categories that include diverse topics include personal growth, spirituality, physics, finance, and more.

I believe it is in your best interest to seek differing opinions on any given topic, so you can make your own decisions. Remember… a wise man (or woman) seeks the counsel of multiple perspectives before accepting new ideas or adjusting their worldview. I rarely ever trust one person’s opinion (or one book’s ideas or philosophies) before making my own decisions. Seek knowledge from different sources and people and make your own decisions and judgments as to what is the best path for you to follow and what ideologies fit with yours. This is your life, so live it without regret and follow your inner voice and gut feeling always. As they say, to thine own self be true.

People and Companies I Admire

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